Lliveview MN800

Sony Ericsson Liveview MN800 For Android Devices

Have you ever controlled your phone without ever taking it out? If No, Liveview MN800 is a New and wearable wireless micro display device by Sony Ericsson which helps you to access your favorite things and lets you to talk with others without picking your phone.

Liveview is like a Bluetooth device but the difference is unlike Bluetooth device, you can customize it to get instant notifications of your incoming messages, your Facebook status, control your music and anything you want to access by Liveview.

Lliveview MN800

Sony Ericsson Liveview MN800

  • Liveview work by Bluetooth wireless technology to access your favorite programs easily across up to 10 metres range.
  • You can easily view the status such as caller ID and battery status indicator at a glance
  • Liveview is compatible with wide range of  Sony Ericsson phones and other compatible phones are listed below,


Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S 2.1
Samsung – Galaxy Tab

Nexus One 2.2


HTC Desire
HTC Desire 2.2
HTC Desire Z 2.2
HTC Wildfire 2.1
HTC – Legend
HTC – Desire HD


Motorola Milestone 2.0.1
Motorola Milestone XT720
Motorola – Moto Flipout


DELL – Streak

In order to use Liveview on your Android phone, your phone should have Android 2.0 and above version and you need to download the compatible app from Android market


The Liveview is priced $89.99 and you can get this Liveview MN800 device form Official Sony Ericsson E shop.


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