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Why You Should Consider Social Media Separate from SEO

There are many reasons for why we should believe that social media is a different thing as compared to SEO. To find the difference between these two, we first have to look at the meaning and categories in which they are used. Then we have to see whether there is any similarity between these two or not, otherwise if there are no similarities then we do have to consider both as being separate from each other.

Meaning of Social Media

 Social Media refers to the use of web based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive process. It deals with many categories like entertainment, communication, multimedia, authority building etc. It includes blogs, events, information aggregators, online advocacy and fund raising and simple social networking. In authority building, it involves collaboration, content management systems, diagramming and visual collaboration, document managing and editing tools, social tagging, social media gaming, social navigation, social news and wikis (encyclopedias). In entertainment, it involves game sharing, media and entertainment platforms and virtual worlds. While in multimedia, it involves live casting, music and audio sharing, photography and art sharing, presentation sharing and video sharing. If we look at public views and opinions, it is also a part of it and includes all the Business reviews like Customer Lobby or any Inc, community Q&A like ask.com, stock exchange, wiki answers and yahoo answers. This multimedia also has product reviews like epinions.com and mouthshut.com etc.

Meaning of SEO

 SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process that improves the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine with the help of results of a page you want to search. It shows us that how a search engine works, what people are searching for, search of the actual keywords typed and which search engine is most preferable by the users. It has different methods like getting indexed, preventing crawling and increasing prominence. We can also find about the competition between top search engines like Google and Yahoo etc. It also gives us results for images, videos and any website while it also provides description about images that is almost all that can be done for international organization for standardization.

They should be Considered Different

Now after everything which I have discussed above, I have noticed that considering social media a separate thing as compare to SEO is a true fact. These both have nothing in common. One deals with social communication on the web while other deals with search engines. There is a huge difference between these two. Only there is one thing that is common and it is that both are used on the internet. So if any person who thinks that both of these are having any similarities, that person is wrong. Now we all should consider that social media is separate from SEO as both are different from each other.

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Posterous – Auto Post Your Articles To Major Social Platforms

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There is a huge competition in blogosphere, everyone doing many tactics to increase their online presence and identity and ultimately to increase their readers. This is not any easy task. You should setup a nice search engine optimized blog and contents, some keyword research, marketing and many more stuffs including Social Bookmarking your blogs or posts. If you concentrate on these things, then you will not able to write the quality and evergreen content or articles to your blog. In these busy blogging day, you will not have time for posting your articles to social networks. By the way, I feel that there is heavy overload of social networks are live in web now. Posterous is an easy solution to post your articles into many major social networks in a single click.


Posterous Social Bookmarking

What Is Posterous?

Posterous is a service, which will broadcast your messages or articles. Whether you’re blogging about your passions or publicizing your business, Posterous Sites are the simplest way to send your message to the world. You can Go With Your Group as many other social networks does support. Keep your colleagues, team or family on the same page with Posterous Groups. You can also privately share photos, videos and ideas via email, mobile and the web.

How To Use Posterous?

Posterous will instantly auto post content to your network of blogs and many of the social networking platforms you are a part of such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Identi.ca. Etc. Many of these platforms are doesn’t have Do Follow support. But posterous supports other Do Follow platforms such as WordPress.com, Blogger.com and many others. Do Follow is good for search engines to recognize your Backlinks.

The only thing you have to do is, create an account with posterous. You should open an account and create profiles in all social networks too. It will consume your time at once (first time only!).Then follow the information. You can even post your content/photos to posterous through email.

How Does Auto posting Work In Posterous?

Just set up your other accounts here. The next time you post to Posterous, we will instantly auto post everywhere else.

Facebook profiles newsfeeds will be updated each time you post to notify your friends. You can also auto post photos to your photo album.

Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a Posterous shortened URL (post.ly).

Flickr photos will be put automatically in your photo stream. If you attach multiple photos, we’ll post them all in the order we receive them.

Blogs will be updated with the full content you send us. We’ll host your images, music and files, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

There are many other websites, such as AOL Lifestream and Onlywire are doing the same work for you. You can install the Onlywire plugin to your WordPress Blog. You need to install Onlywire software locally on your PC to submit posts to all Social Networks and Social Bookmarking sites. Hope this article will help you to build Backlinks easily and post anything to all major social networks even easily. Have a say in the comment box below. Don’t forget to mention about any new websites provides the same service.


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Top 12 LinkedIn groups Every SEO, Blogging Professionals Must Join

I have been using LinkedIn groups for a while where I get 800+ visits from LinkedIn groups now, there are hundreds of thousands of active LinkedIn groups out there to discuss and share about the topics that are related with your niche. I get around 40% of my referral traffic from LinkedIn groups, 20% from Facebook and rest all referral traffic from various referral sources like Stumbleupon, Twitter. LinkedIn is a best way I find where I use some easy ways to drive traffic and bring people attention to my blog by active discussion with other members in the groups.

Few months back I’ve joined various LinkedIn groups related with my niche topics, initially I added myself as a member of these LinkedIn groups and there is no active discussions done by my side at all, and later I realized that this is the right place to turn millions of people attentions to take my blog in to the next level. So something I learned from LinkedIn groups and not only I get 800+ visits from it, but I gathered many friends and followers within a short span along the way.

linkedin groups

Top LinkedIn Groups

Did you know why I highly recommend these LinkedIn groups to join is from these groups I get  around 1K+ visits now and from my experience here are few LinkedIn groups you can join to get more traffic and conversion rate what I exactly getting now.

SEO Secrets – This LinkedIn group is created by Joseph Kuter on 2008, the main aim of this group is to share everything related with SEO and SEM techniques to the people who really interested to learn about in depth secrets of search engine optimization. Currently over 4600 active members including me in this group share and ask queries together.

Blogger Users – This LinkedIn group is something different other groups where you can only leave your blog URL, if a member interested they will visit your blog.  Current there are over 800 active Members in this group.

Email Marketing Group – This is a sub group of E marketing associates created by Robert Fleming on July 2009, if you are a beginner or pro of E mail marketing this is the suggested group with over 3300 active members.

Social Media & SEO – This group is created for Professionals involved in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketers etc. This LinkedIn group is created by Chris Lopez Jr on 2008, This is also a active group where you can turn over 4900 active members attention to your site.

Facebook & Twitter for business – This LinkedIn group is a Facebook Business Hub where you can find everything needed to promote your business on Facebook. This group is created by Dmytro Matvisyk and over 6100 active members in this LinkedIn group.

Social media marketing – This is one of the active LinkedIn group with over 130000 members; this group is created by Michael Crosson. You can learn more details about this group in the group home page.

Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 group is a network of professionals involved in the 2nd generation of web-based communities & hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis and folksonomies etc. This is also one of the most active LinkedIn group created by Jeremy Giger, current active members in this LinkedIn group is over 23000.

Facebook HR – This LinkedIn group created by Steve Brooks to leverage the whole power of social networking and discuss everything related wit social media. There are over 3100 active members in this LinkedIn group.

Twitter By this LinkedIn group you can promote and share your twitter strategies with over 3900 active members. This group is created by Jim Stolze.

Tech Writers – this LinkedIn group is a sub group of writing mafia LinkedIn group where you can discuss about technology related topics, this group is created by Thomas Myerman on 2009, current membership stats is  358 active members.

Twittering – This LinkedIn group is especially for those who using twitter either for their business or for the development of their own branding, this is one of the best place to get connected with people to share and gather knowledge. Twittering is created by Shane murray on 2009, Now over 5000 active members in this group.

Article Marketing Experts – If you are beginner or pro in article marketing, this LinkedIn group works for you and you can discuss article marketing related queries with other members. This group is created by Eric Gruber an article marketing expert and the founder of articlemarketingexperts.com.

You can learn,

  • Write articles faster – in many cases 30 minutes or less
  • How to Build your list
  • How to Turn your articles into products
  • To Increase your website traffic
  • Write articles that motivate, persuade and seduce prospects to take immediate actions etc.

E commerce and Online marketing experts – This LinkedIn group created by Harry Joiner on 2008, this group is mainly focused for search engine optimization, paid search, affiliate marketing, email marketing professionals, if you are in same interest, you can join in this LinkedIn group.  Current membership stats :  over 19000 Active members.

Active Blogging Community (ABC) – This LinkedIn group is created by me and let me explain about this community that now everyone can create the community in the social sphere and why I created this community is that there are millions of subset bloggers and webmasters working around the clock to prove their ability, hard work, all they need is social appreciation (either comment on their update or visits to their blog etc) from the people for their hard work, If you are a same likeminded people, you can give it a try by joining yourself as Active Blogging Community member.

Final words : Before use this LinkedIn groups, first thing you need to know is if you want to bring huge volume of people attention you need to know is what all the solution people needed for their problems day-by-day and interact with them by active ways instead of blindly reading How to get traffic from LinkedIn groups, they need some practical ideas, they need some case studies, they need solutions for their  burning questions, if you provide solution for their queries through your interaction, they believe you are a expert in the group and yours way is a good source of knowledge and you can improve the click through that what I am getting now.

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Social Media – Increase in Company’s Lead Conversion Rate

Social media is a place where you can post ideas, comments and also publish some of your business thoughts and where people from everywhere can view the same at the same time and also comment and view your status. This social media is becoming more professional nowadays.

Higher conversion rate

Few companies who were using the social media network for updating their business ad, had few doubts like whether truly their conversion status has been increased or not. But truly speaking, the social networking had helped the business people in developing their conversion rate to higher extent. This is because there is more chances of creating awareness to so many people and also they start viewing your company details when ever required. Hence do this the conversion rates are getting higher.

Fact finding is more important

Before updating any such business posts in such social media, it is more important that you should do a thorough fact finding on the same. The fact finding should be regarding whether posting such details will make company gain more customers and also whether it will be profitable. After doing such proper and perfect fact finding, the company can make a wise choice on the basis of the report whether such ad will create profitability to the company or not. Also you should do a thorough check on the details like which are the links that attracts most of the people who are on social networks.

Media consultancy

There is also an option where you can contact a media consultancy firm to check whether how and where to publish your company advertisement. Such consultancy firm will provide you so many other options on how to post the details in social network and also they would suggest which way of publishing will be profitable to the company. But even though you have handed over to a consultancy it should be your major responsibility to check the status of then and there regarding the advertisement made. So this will help you in making a perfect and proper move in the social network. Also it is advisable that you should do a market survey whether your publications have reached all class of people in the social web page.

Ups and Downs in social media

The social media has its own ups and downs. Some time your advertisement would be a huge hit. But some times it might not work upto your expectation. So be careful and take necessary steps before advertising your business details in the social network. It should be attractive and simple. Then only it will pull more customers to your brand. First you should understand the taste of the people on the social network. According to it you should start publishing your business details and also you should go ahead step by step to attract more customers. You can also opt to publish details through consultancy but you must ensure that you must take major responsibility in publishing and tracking the same.


This guest article is contributed by SakshamTalwar who blogs at the blogging tips blog, Blogging Junction where he shares blogging tips and oiopublisher coupon.


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How To Increase Traffic From Twitter And Facebook by Automatically Posting Your Old Posts

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For blogs like BayofBlog.com which is almost a year old and has more than 200 posts, there is always the possibility that new readers are likely to miss the old content. I mean the people who have started reading a blog recently will miss all the tips and good quality content posted previously. As we all know old is gold, so to make our new readers know the valuable tips which we have provided in our previous posts, we have to make them know our previous content. But with our busy schedule we can’t afford our time to select and share our previous posts. So here comes the need of an automated process which can do that for us. In this post I am going to introduce you one app and one plug-in which combinely help us to automate the process of sharing old content in both Facebook and twitter.

For this to work your blog must be a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Step 1:

Login in to your WordPress dashboard and search for Tweet Old post plug-in, install and activate it.


Now browse to the settings page of the plug-in and Authorize your twitter account.

Step 3:

If you want your tweet to contain any prefix text like [new post] or [top pots] then you have write the prefix text in the tweet prefix field. If you want to display your post excerpt in your tweet then you select yes for the Add post data to tweet field.

Step 4:

You can even use URL shortener. I prefer su.pr as my URL shortener. You must add #fb to the Default hash tag, the reason for this will be explained later in this post.

Step 5:

Then you have to select how frequent your previous posts must be shared in twitter and how old posts should be tweeted and then save the settings you have made.

Step 6:

Now it’s time to login your Facebook account, not to check your notifications ;) you have add an application to your profile to post the tweet you have tweeted previously as your Facebook status.

Step 7:

Browse Facebook for an application called Selective tweets, then click on the Go to App button. You have add your twitter which you have authorized previously and then save it. You can add this app to your blog’s Facebook page.

Wow!!That all, from your new readers will be informed with your old posts. After doing this for my blog I have even experienced an increase in traffic. I bet you too will find increase in your traffic if you automate this process.

How It Works:

I think many of you guys have understood the trick, anyhow for those who didn’t I will explain. Basically selective tweets is an application which updates your Facebook from your tweets which have #fb at the end of your tweet. And Tweet old post is a plug-in which automatically tweets your old blog posts randomly. So the posts tweeted by this plug-in will be updated to your Facebook.

Hope you like the trick. If you found increase in your traffic or already used this to generate traffic do share your opinion by posting a comment :) .


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